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Sell ​​your property now within a remarkably short selling period. By buying your property directly, offers you the opportunity to sell your house or apartment quickly and smoothly. You will receive a non-binding and free purchase offer within 24 hours after submitting your initial inquiry via our online form.

USP Short Selling Period

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A short selling period
A non-binding, free purchase offer within 24 hours
Professional sales processing

Let our experienced team streamline your sales process. From the initial offer to the finalization of the purchase agreement, you work directly and exclusively with our experts.

No extra costs for sellers

We stand for transparency. Therefore, we have extra costs or hidden fees. Our team accompanies you in every phase of the property sale, from the property valuation to the signing of the purchase agreement. Our service is completely free of charge for property sellers.

We offer

Free service for property sellers
No extra costs, no hidden fees
100% transparency

We believe that transparency creates trust and is the most important prerequisite for successful customer relationships. Use our free service for sellers and discover our transparent agency as a partner for your property sale. Guaranteed no extra costs involved.

Direct purchase by creditworthy buyer

Use our potential as a reliable buyer to sell your property easily and profitably. purchases your property directly. This gives you the security of working with a reliable, creditworthy buyer. By buying your property directly, we shorten the sales process significantly and guarantee a smooth transaction. By selling directly to, you avoid the time-consuming process of marketing and looking for buyers when selling your property. This way, you also avoid the risk that the purchase of your property is canceled after a purchase offer has been submitted by an untrustworthy buyer.

USP Creditworthy Buyer

We guarantee

The reliable purchase of your property
Smooth transactions
High sales rates

Benefit from our purchasing power for a smooth and timely property sale without risks.

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House sale without an estate agent - with our tools, easier than you thought!

You want to sell your house? But you don't fancy the cost of involvement of estate agents and the many viewings by strangers organised by estate agents? You can also sell your house without an estate agent. We will show you how this works with the checklist we have drawn up. Sit back and look forward to a simple and uncomplicated process of selling a property. Save time, nerves and costs! 

The checklist for a house sale without estate agents

For a stress-free and easy process when selling a property, you need only to orientate yourself on the following checklist. 

First step: to what extent is your property suitable for sale?

Establish at the outset whether your house is suitable for sale. This preparation facilitates the overall process of the house sale. Reasons precluding a regular house sale might, inter alia, include: 

  • an imminent foreclosure or distribution of assets. 
  • inheritance disputes.
  • divorce disputes between spouses concerning the property.
  • valuation for purposes of proof, for example within the context of disputes related to gift tax. 

In all these cases, amongst other things, you cannot avoid an expert valuation. Here, the sale of the house cannot normally be carried out easily. Before you seek to sell your property, it is worth taking a look in the land register. Your ownership status as well as sales and also the rights of third parties to a given property are entered in the land register. 

Second step: the valuation of your house

The value of the property is the focus for both you and the seller. For this reason, to have a valuation which is as realistic as possible is very important. You want to know what to expect and, equally, a potential buyer also wants to know what to expect. 

What needs to be taken into account when determining the value? 

The value of your property must be realistically assessed. Various aspects determine this value, among other things, the location, condition and year of construction of the house. You should bear in mind that the market value will normally not be the same as the selling price of the property. The market value is a theoretical value. The sales value, on the other hand, is the value that can currently be achieved taking into account the various important aspects of the property as well as the general situation on the real estate market. So you could say that the sales value is a value that results from an attempt at sale. It is not always easy to determine the value of a property accurately. Other regional and individual circumstances that influence the decision-making process can play a role here. We make this valuation easier for you.

With our house valuation you are on the safe side. You get a fair, realistic estimate for a sales price that is actually achievable on the market. And you already know the buyer, namely us! You save yourself stressful house visits, irksome costs and annoying paperwork.

Don't be persuaded by third parties or an estate agent that you need to pay for an expensive market value report. The sale of real estate can usually be carried out without any such an expert opinion. As a rule, you do not need a market value report. You only need this when it comes to inheritance disputes or other legal matters. This will then be an official valuation which, for example, may be used in court proceedings or disputes with authorities.

You have certainly already noticed that this valuation says little about the selling price actually achievable on the real estate market. In particular in the case of foreclosures, it can be clearly seen that the officially determined value in a market value report and a possible selling price lie worlds apart. In the case of foreclosures, properties are usually sold at a price well below the selling price normally achievable. 

If, on the other hand, you want to manage your house sale without an estate agent, you will receive accurate information for a sales price with our house sales calculator. For this purpose, we perform a professional sales analysis which leads to a realistic determination of a possible selling price. 

With us you can have a house valuation carried out free of charge. Simply enter your details in the input mask on our website and you will receive your offer within 24 hours. 

Third step: Increase the attractiveness of the property for sale

Your house can be sold faster and easier - possibly even at a higher value - if the property is in the best condition. Without having to carry out extensive renovation and refurbishment work, you can already create an optimal impression on potential buyers through a few small changes. For example, new windows and doors help make the first impression of your property convincing. A house sale without an estate agent is then approaching even faster. 

A well-kept garden or a fresh coat of paint on the outside walls also underlines the buyer's impression that the property is a worthwhile investment. So you don't have to worry that you might be making such an investment for nothing. Anything that makes your property even more "presentable" increases its attractiveness for potential buyers. Ideally, you should only start with the sale of the house and finding buyers after you have carried out these embellishments on the property. But the search is very simple, because we will be glad to invest in your house. 

Fourth step: Find potential buyers for the house

Most potential property sellers are secretly afraid that the actual sales phase will be particularly difficult. You don't like the constant viewings of the property or you simply have no time, because the everyday stress and job already eat up enough time. What if we promise you that there is a different way of doing it? You can manage the house sale not only without an estate agent, but also without nerve-wracking viewings or constant time-consuming personal efforts. 

We simplify the process of selling your property for you here as well. Simply enter your details in our online tool. Then we will make you an offer. Without an estate agent, without stress for you. 

Make the sale of your house as easy as possible without an estate agent and use the tools on our website. Estate agents and expert costs need not be. You can achieve a satisfactory sale within a short time via our website. Get a sales price for your property today!  Selling your house - doesn’t have to remain a dream. A stress-free house sale without an estate agent is now a reality with us. 
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