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How to increase your home value before selling

If you want to sell your property, you can make substantial profits in today's real estate market. A non-binding real estate valuation can give you an impression of the value of your real estate. However, it is worth considering how the value of your apartment or house can be increased before you sell your real estate. From completely renovating certain rooms to simple touch-ups, there are some strategically smart moves that can help you to add value to your home. In this article you will find valuable tips for increasing the value of your home before the real estate valuation.

To sell your real estate can be a profitable decision. However selling real estate is an art. This process usually requires quite a bit of negotiation skills. Ideally, you want to sell your house or apartment for a profit. In no case should your home sell below its value. Before you sell your real estate even offer your property for sale, the real estate valuation must first be carried out. After all, you need to get an idea of ​​how much your home is worth. Certain features can influence the result of the real estate valuation and increase the home value. The following tips will help you to add extra value to your house or apartment before you have a real estate valuation carried out or before you sell your real estate. 

Achieve an increase in home value by renovating strategic areas

The condition of certain areas in a house or apartment can have a major impact on the home value and can be critical to a successful sale. This particularly applies to technical areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. These rooms are usually expensive to renovate. If the kitchen or bathroom is in poor condition, it will negatively affect the real estate valuation. Potential buyers are often reluctant to buy when bathroom or kitchen are in need of renovation. 

By renovating bathroom and kitchen before you sell your real estate you can achieve a significant increase in home value. This allows you to sell your house or apartment at market prices that represent modern residential properties.

A renovated bathroom can add value to your home

The bathroom is indeed one of the focal points of any house or apartment. While the preferences of potential buyers vary when it comes to bathroom fittings, most of them want one thing above all: Not having to renovate the bathroom and being able to enjoy the convenience of a modern bathroom after signing the purchase agreement.

Indeed, depending on the finishes and fittings, a complete bathroom renovation can be quite expensive. On average, the costs for a bathroom renovation before you sell your real estate range between 400 and 1200 euros per square meter.

A modern kitchen wins points in ever real estate valuation

Even if the kitchen in your house or apartment is relatively small, it is worth renovating this area to increase the home value before a real estate valuation is performed or before you sell your real estate.

Even if only minor renovations are required, a contemporary look and adequate kitchen equipment add value to your home. An inviting presentation of the kitchen area is also important to take attractive photos for your real estate advertisement. A professionally designed real estate ad with attractive photos is a must in order to sell your real estate and get potential buyers to view your apartment or house.

The costs for a complete kitchen renovation range between 400 and 1200 euros per square meter.

Increase the living space to increase your home value

Another tip for increasing the home value, if you want to put your house up for sale, is to increase the living space. You can enlarge the living space of a house by creating additional rooms in the attic. The basement area in some houses can also be suitable for an expansion of living space in order to increase your home value before you sell your real estate.

The selling price of real estate is usually calculated based on the price per square meter of living space. Therefore, an increase in the habitable space of your property has a positive effect on the real estate valuation. 

The costs for an increase in living space can vary widely. A living space extension before you sell your real estate can cost you between 500 and more than 2000 euros per square meter, depending on the scope of work, the contracted service provider and the materials used.

Increase home value with a balcony, terrace, winter garden and Co.

A balcony or terrace can not only provide additional living space but also add value to any apartment or house. Adding a veranda to your home before you sell your real estate is a good way to increase home value. Indeed, a veranda allows you to add more living space to your property. That also means adding square meters which can be included in the real estate valuation. A balcony or veranda is like a whole new room. Depending on the home value per square meter assigned to your geographic area, building a veranda before you sell your real estate can be a profitable investment.

Whether adding a balcony, terrace or veranda is appropriate depends, among other things, on the region in which your property is located. A balcony or terrace offers particular added value in properties that are located in an urban environment. Alternatively, you can also create a light-flooded room by installing a glass roof or adding a winter garden.

Increase your home value before you sell your real estate with a high-quality front door and windows

The front door of every home is essential as it is the first thing visitors see when they walk into a house or apartment. The windows are usually matched to the front door. The color scheme, the presence or absence of glazing, as well as the shape and size of the front door are elements that influence its appearance. A tasteful, high-quality front door brings added value to your home.

The quality of the windows is critical, if you want to increase your home value. In order to feel comfortable at home, it is fundamentally important that all rooms are as bright and inviting as possible. This brings a feeling of openness and warmth to the house and makes the interior feel more spacious. It is important for the residents of a property to have optimal lighting conditions during the day. In addition, electricity costs can be limited and the service life of artificial lighting extended.

Renewing the windows before you sell your real estate also allows you to optimize the insulation and increase the energy efficiency of your entire home. Aluminum windows ensure longevity and guarantee optimal brightness.

Luxury features can significantly increase home value

Depending on the residential area your home is situated in, installing a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna or garden pond can significantly increase the sales value of a house. Of course, the target group of buyers to whom a house is to be marketed also plays an important role in this case.

Upgrade the energy efficiency of your home before you  sell your real estate

Achieve an increase in home value before a real estate valuation by improving the energy efficiency of your house. The energy consumption and thus the environmental impact of your home can be taken into account when estimating the sales price. In fact, energy-intensive homes are often sold for less money than apartments and houses with a good energy efficiency rating.

The energy efficiency of a house or apartment can be improved before you sell your real estate by renovation works such as insulating the attic, replacing windows or installing a modern heating system that uses renewable energies. 
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