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Selling a house – What Do I Have to Pay Attention to ?

There are many reasons why one considers selling their property. Ideally, it is a thought that you can carry with you for a long time. If you want to change your property without time pressure, you have a clear advantage. However, this is not always the case - sometimes it must happen quite quickly. A new addition to the family requires expansion - the condo should be sold quickly to make room for a large home. Whatever the reason behind is, there are some basic questions you should ask yourself when selling your property.

Questions About Selling a Property

  • Is now a good time to sell a property?
  • What is the situation on the property market?
  • How has the location development in my town changed?
  • What are the current property prices?
  • Where do I move to when I sell my property?
  • Do I need the money from the sale? How urgently do I need the money?
  • What taxes do I have to pay when I sell my property?
  • Should a loan be redeemed?
  • Do I have to consider an early repayment fee?
  • What is the current mortgage interest rate? 

Valuation of the Property - Determine Offer Price

If you decide to sell your property, a sales price must be determined accordingly. This is one of the most important points - after all, you do not want the selling of your property to be a negative business for you.
So that you know what a fair offer price is, you can take some factors into account. 

The core factors are:
  • Location development
  • Tenant development of the surrounding area
  • Cost development
  • Development of the building fabric

Type of Property

Of course, it depends on the type of property to be sold. Is it a one-room apartment or a freestanding family home? Is there an outdoor area that belongs to the property? The equipment also plays a major role in determining the price. A marble bathroom increases the value, while an old bathroom with dripping pipes is a depreciation in value.

However, a high-quality condo in a popular city can be sold for the same price as a small terraced house in the country. In addition to the type of property, its condition and, above all, the place of living must also be assessed.

Condition of the Property

The age of a property usually also says something about the building fabric. And this is essential for determining the offer price. With a very well-kept property with good building fabric, the chances are low that investments in expensive renovations will be necessary. 
Knowing the condition of your own property well can be of great advantage when selling it. What repairs will be due soon? Which investments should have been made long ago? In some cases, it is worthwhile to have some things modernized before a potential sale.
In general: The better the condition, the higher the selling price

Situation on the Real Estate Market 

In the meantime, there is a good transparency of real estate prices thanks to the internet. To get a first overview, as so often, you must only search the internet.
Visiting the large real estate portals such as Immoscout24, Immowelt or Immonet the up to date prices of real estate can easily be found.

Of course, it is important to consider your own location. The prices in large cities are usually significantly higher than in rural areas - but this can vary. A good starting point for price research is to also consider local expert committees.

If you want to research market prices even more intensively, you can use two practical tools free of charge. The LBS real estate price chart shows past real estate prices from sales by Sparkassen Finanzgruppe. 

Another great tool is the price atlas from Homeday. It shows the prices offered on its portal of recent years, some of which are even available with street names.

Is an Expert Opinion Necessary? 

Independent appraisers estimate the asking price of properties based on their condition, age and all available information and documentation. They are experts who know the market well. In their calculations they consider the current situation on the real estate market.
Each owner must decide for himself whether an independent appraisal is necessary. For some it may give security, for others it seems superfluous. It depends on how well you can assess your property yourself.

In some cases, owners estimate their property clearly too high. This is because we usually give our own property more value than it actually has. It is more valuable to us personally than it would be to others.

Presentation of Your Property 

The presentation of a property can make a decisive contribution to the success of a sale.  Who does not like clicking on attractive pictures that look as if they were cut out of an IKEA catalogue? It does not always have to be quite so professional but a professional outfitter who brings life to the rooms is an option, for example, selling very high-quality empty properties. 
High quality pictures of the interior and exterior of the property always give interested parties an important first impression. 

An exposé should always be prepared when selling a property. It offers the prospective buyer all the important cornerstones of the property, pictures of the interior and exterior as well as the most important figures. Serious prospective buyers will also request further documents.

Necessary Documents 

Before a possible sale, it is time to look through the files. Basic documents about the property should be ready. These may vary depending on the type of property. Are you the sole owner of the property or is it a condo in an apartment house? In the case of such an apartment, a declaration of partition and documents for owners' meetings will also be required.

Basic Documents for Selling a Property 

  • Extract from the land register
  • Floor plan
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Invoices for past work / renovations / modernizations
  • Condo
  • Declaration of partition
  • Three protocols of the owners' meeting
  • Rented properties
  • List of tenants including rent levels
  • Rental areas
  • Move-in dates and possible termination dates

How is the Property to Be Sold? 

Finally, you must ask yourself how the property should be sold. As an owner you can go this way by yourself or together with one or more real estate agents. To sell a property by yourself involves some effort and research, which can be saved by working with estate agents. 
In any case, there will be viewings in which potential buyers will want to look around. Contracts must be drawn up; bank and notary appointments must be arranged.
Or you walk the path with us, with Immome.
Our portal offers you an innovative path, where you will receive an offer price within 24 hours.

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