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Short selling period

Sell ​​your property now within a remarkably short selling period. By buying your property directly, offers you the opportunity to sell your house or apartment quickly and smoothly. You will receive a non-binding and free purchase offer within 24 hours after submitting your initial inquiry via our online form.

USP Short Selling Period

Benefit from

A short selling period
A non-binding, free purchase offer within 24 hours
Professional sales processing

Let our experienced team streamline your sales process. From the initial offer to the finalization of the purchase agreement, you work directly and exclusively with our experts.

No extra costs for sellers

We stand for transparency. Therefore, we have extra costs or hidden fees. Our team accompanies you in every phase of the property sale, from the property valuation to the signing of the purchase agreement. Our service is completely free of charge for property sellers.

We offer

Free service for property sellers
No extra costs, no hidden fees
100% transparency

We believe that transparency creates trust and is the most important prerequisite for successful customer relationships. Use our free service for sellers and discover our transparent agency as a partner for your property sale. Guaranteed no extra costs involved.

Direct purchase by creditworthy buyer

Use our potential as a reliable buyer to sell your property easily and profitably. purchases your property directly. This gives you the security of working with a reliable, creditworthy buyer. By buying your property directly, we shorten the sales process significantly and guarantee a smooth transaction. By selling directly to, you avoid the time-consuming process of marketing and looking for buyers when selling your property. This way, you also avoid the risk that the purchase of your property is canceled after a purchase offer has been submitted by an untrustworthy buyer.

USP Creditworthy Buyer

We guarantee

The reliable purchase of your property
Smooth transactions
High sales rates

Benefit from our purchasing power for a smooth and timely property sale without risks.

Frequently asked questions on selling your property

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular questions among our clients.
Make sure you have a look at them to save your time.

How quickly will I receive my purchase offer?

You will receive your purchase offer within 24 hours if you have submitted all the information in full. You will receive the details of the purchase offer in your personal account. Here you will receive all the information about the progress of the offer.

How quickly will I receive my money for the property?

After the purchase contract and appointment with the notary have been completed, you will receive the purchase price after 6 to 8 weeks. If you wish, we can pay out a part amount of the purchase price in advance.

How is it that the transaction can be completed so quickly?

The concept behind is the cutting of red tape. Through short internal communication routes and many years of experience in the real estate market we are in a position to provide you with a purchase offer quickly and to handle the formalities. In addition, through the digital processing we avoid the expense of viewing appointments, telephone discussions and sometimes irksome enquiries.

Which documents are needed for the completion of the sale?

Extract from the land register, Duly signed power of attorney to obtain the files from the management, Copy of your personal identification card, Evidenced agreement of an appointment with the notary. In so far as available: Floor plan, Declaration of partition, Last property management bill, Minutes of resolutions passed by the community of owners, If let: tenancy agreement.

Do any costs arise upon the sale and who bears these?

For you, absolutely no costs arise.

Which preparations do I need to make for the sale of the property?

None. We take care of everything.

Which taxes are payable upon the sale of the property?

For you, only taxes arising on income from the proceeds of the purchase, where such taxes are applicable. In this case, we recommend that you consult a tax advisor.

Is the purchase offer open to negotiation?

Our purchase offers are normally final. However, you can submit a counter-offer and we will be pleased to consider the same.

What is a land register extract? (Where do I get it and how much does the extract cost?)

The land register is a public register in which the ownership status of properties is regulated. It contains details of the respective owners and all essential contents relating to rights and encumbrances connected with the property. You can obtain a land register extract from the land registry or your notary.

What happens with the tenants upon a change of ownership?

The property is sold either free from occupants or let. If you sell your apartment let, your tenants may continue to live in the object. We take over the tenancy relationship upon the current conditions. Note: The sale of a property is not a ground for the tenants to give notice of termination!

Must I draw attention to any damage or defects? What might be the consequences if I fail to do so?

Defects which have been fraudulently concealed entitle the purchaser to rescind the purchase contract. The purchaser will demand back all payments which have been made. The purchaser can also demand the rectification of the defects. An example of reasons why might rescind the purchase contract is the deliberate failure to disclose the growth of mould, damp walls or beetle infestation.

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